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雅-Miyavi – Thanx Givin’ Day

雅-miyavi – Thanx Givin’ Day


Arigato Mama, Itsumo, anta kaigo hau
Honto Ni, Honto Ni, Kansha shiteru yo!
Demo de mama, tan nani mo shita pea kire nakute nokosu demo, okurenai da ne?

Gomen ne papa, Itsumo, kante nakodo shite
Shipaiya, meiwaku kakute nakare de
Demo de papa, Boku mo okii kunandara Papa mitai ni
Haruka na mitate da ne?

Kyoyo Mo,

otsukaresama, itsumo, yoroshokumade ganbatte iru no
bokura wa shiteru yo!
Demo de papa mo, mama mo tame ni wa yasun daiyo
Zutto genki de da ne?

Nani yori, futari naka yoshi da ne.

Thank you for me.


Thank you Mama, you were always there for me
Really, truly, I appreciate it!
So mother, instead of throwing what was left behind away
You did something what other people wouldn’t do, you know.

I’m sorry Papa, I always judged you from your action.
Worry and troubles, I understand your decision.
However Papa, I want to show you my hardships that you made.
It was long ago undecided, don’t you think?

With more acceptance,

Thank you, all of the obsticles down the road has done me good
However Papa and mama occasionally ease the pain
Always a good experience, Don’t you think?

From living a corrupt life into something good.

Thank you for me

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0 thoughts on “雅-Miyavi – Thanx Givin’ Day

  1. Merci pour cette traduction. Le texte est court mais je le toruve jolie.La musique va bien avec et on sent un peu d’émotion dans le chant.De nos jours c’est rare de trouver de bonnes paroles, continue comme ça miyavi !

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